Top 6 Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer Review & Buying Guide

People often face problems while spraying and painting their homes. The reason behind this is that painting takes time and attention, therefore, proper management and selection of tools are necessary. Sometimes people lack these factors.

To create ease for your tough projects, we love and tend to provide you a list of the top professional airless paint sprayers along with guidance about the selection of these top six best electric airless paint sprayer. There are many types of airless paint sprayer like best-Overall, best-Splurge, best-Budget, best-Cordless, best-Stationary, best-Large Projects, and best for All-Purpose. Today, we will review the six Best professional airless paint sprayers and tell you what is best and suitable for you.

Our Top Pick
Graco Magnum X5

Graco Magnum X7


  • SPRAY PAINT UNTHINNED:Stainless Steel Piston Pump allows you to spray paint unthinned at high pressure
  • FAST AND EASY CLEAN-UP:PowerFlush Adapter connects to a garden hose for fast and easy cleaning
  • IDEAL FOR MULTI STORY HOMES:Can support up to 100 ft of paint hose allowing you to spray second and third story homes

The Graco Magnum X7 Airless Paint sprayers make it easy for large Projects and handymen to power through small to midsize jobs with speed and finesse. Large Projects and handymen get cost-efficient, high-speed performance with the Graco Magnum X7

List Of Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer 2021

Graco Magnum X7
Graco Magnum X7
  • Features: Fully adjustable pressure to give you ultimate control of paint flow for any project size
  • Benefits: RAC IV SwitchTip allows you to reverse the tip when clogged to keep you spraying
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Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2
Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2
  • Features: Professional non-bleed Spray Gun with Adjustable Pattern Fan Control
  • Benefits: Disassembles easily for quick clean-up and maintenance
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Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus
Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus
  • Features: Flexible suction tube allows you to spray directly from a 1 or 5 gallon paint bucket
  • Benefits: The Magnum Project Painter Plus delivers amazing results with speed and finesse, allowing you to finish your project in half the time
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HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800
  • Features: Innovation, high tech engineering, quality manufacturing
  • Benefits: Doing painting and staining projects yourself, you’ll end up saving thousands of dollars and still walk away with a beautiful finish
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Wagner Control Pro 150 Wagner Control Pro 150
  • Features: The Control Pro 150 applies coatings 3X faster than a roller with low overspray
  • Benefits: The HEA pump features a rebuildable fluid section that maximizes sprayer life
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Graco Magnum ProX19 Graco Magnum ProX19
  • Features: ProX Stainless Steel Piston Pump allows you to spray paint unthinned at high pressure
  • Benefits: InstaClean pump filter – added pump filtration reduces tip clogs from debris in the paint
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Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum X7

If you have been looking forward to having your Powerful, versatile, and compact airless paint sprayer, your wait is over because Graco Magnum X7 holds the position.

You might have some professional and factorial works regarding painting. To address them and deal with them, Graco Magnum X7 serves you effectively and save your time and money as well.

The flow rate of 0.31 GPM does a very beautiful job and sprays the paint with proper flow. Nozzle with unique construction 100 ft of hose length makes us able to spray hard-to-reach areas and does not disappoint regarding the quality of the work. A flexible suction tube is enough to suck paint from the gallon and push it to travel throughout the hose.

Stainless steel piston pump marks it different to work as a portable and efficient sprayer. High-pressure pumps enable to work constantly and fluently. Further, you can call this the best industrial airless paint sprayer, an airless sprayer for different uses because you get what you expect.

The switch of this machine allows you to switch it on as well as off according to the situation. Then, the weight and design of this sprayer are attractive and awesome. Two tires make it moveable and stand with the sprayer can adjust itself anywhere.

Most importantly, there is no clogging system because of the well-furnished quality of this sprayer. The capacity of spraying 1 to 5 gallons directly at one time has an impressive impact and people purchase it for this reason. So, if you are really serious about the painting experience, you need to order this sprayer for professional works.

  • Easy to cleanup
  • Unique design and shape
  • Nozzle with certainty
  • No clogging system
  • 1 to 5 gallons perfectly
  • It is a little bit costive than a traditional sprayer
Best Professional Airless Paint sprayer

Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2

Another professional brand is here to fulfill your needs of spraying your homes, decks, furniture, and other professional works. There are some specifications of this product that take it to the market with a high-quality look

Easy to grab gun sprayer holder is helpful and makes you spray effectively. The hose length is enough for reaching hard-to-reach areas and when you connect it with the suction tube, it will suck the paint with a great flow. 1.3 mm air cap with a model spray gun paints within the paradigms of painting.

The paint cup contains paint in it and you can fill your targeted paint in it. So, paint whatever you want to paint whether it is related to inside tasks or outside tasks.

Further, it gives clarity and a unique look that everyone wants and purchases sprayer for this purpose. There would be no bleed of spray while pushing and dealing with it.

So, if you want to have a professional type of painting, you need to hit Fuji 2203G professional airless sprayer. This classic will never disappoint and you can target your goal easily with the help of this latex paint sprayer.

  • No overspray
  • Easy to Adjust
  • Spray Gun with easy to push availability
  • Unique design and shape
  • Affordable price
  • Takes time during adjustment
best industrial airless paint sprayer

Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus

As the name depicts the Graco Magnum project painter plus is especially helpful for long-term as well as short-term projects. Some unique factors are important to consider. 0.24 GPM flow rate is approachable and with a low flow rate, a sprayer would be useless. 0.015 in max tip size is considerable and you can have this exclusive feature in it

50 ft long paint hose is remarkable when it comes to the painting experience. Different unique compartments of this gadget are effective and useful for different conditions. You can master them once you unbox them and start using them.

Further, the capability of painting directly 1 to 5 gallons is appreciable and wonderful. The stainless piston pump is of high-quality and does not stop working even after years.

You can have this professional airless paint sprayer for multiple purposes like painting for doors, walls, ceilings, decks, and fences. The high-speed performance brings your purpose home effectively. 110V power with the help of PowerFlush adopter provides effective energy.

Furthermore, a separate bucket is attachable and you even can put paint into the sprayer tank. After that, a fast and easy-to-clean process is in your favor. You can select it as an ideal professional and affordable airless paint sprayer for hard-to-reach areas.

  • Recommendable 50 galRecommendable 50 gal
  • Easy to carry
  • No clogging system
  • Ideal for all type of works
  • No Overspray
  • Takes time while setting it
best electric airless paint sprayer

HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800

According to our promise, we are providing you another professional airless paint sprayer in the form of HomeRight power Flo Pro 2800. If you have some bigger projects whether they are outside the house or inside the house, this airless paint sprayer would be a wise choice. This high-tech engineering sprayer can do all types of a project like architectural coating exterior walls, garage, shed, and fence

The pump repair kit is one of the exclusive features of this sprayer. The stain tip helps us throw the paint on the targeted area perfectly. After that, the paint pressure adjuster also adds beauty and perfection to the product. As a result, you do not get an overspray problem.

Then, a Chrome-plated spray gun with a 100-mesh spray gun filter can hit the job easily. 515 Reversible Spray Tip and Guard (ideal for latex paint) make you able to meet cleanliness and uniqueness. 25 ft.

Airless Spray Hose is helpful when it comes to carrying the sprayer in the garden, garage, or fence. Operation manual creates ease for you to run it smoothly and easily. The bucket of this painting machine allows 1 to 3 gallons to pour into it.

The low but suitable weight of this sprayer makes you able to carry it anywhere. All in all, this is the device that fulfills your needs. You find quality and quantity work from this best and professional electric airless paint sprayer.

Above all, no clogging system and easy to clean up after using it are the things that everyone looks for. So, you might go for this device without any tension

  • Two-year warranty
  • Replacement parts are available
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Instruction will be unclear
best airless paint spray gun

Wagner Control Pro 150

The Wagner control pro marks its place in the market because of its high efficiency and technology features. 1500 PSI operating pressure helps you paint easily and effectively

This type of pressure is enough and you don’t need to look for another professional paint sprayer once you purchase Wagner control pro150. Then, HEA (High-efficiency airless) pump works with proper flow and strategy. As a result, you meet your deadlines within the given time.

 If you want to do X3 coating and no-stripes, you need to make this device your device. .55 horsepower can be effective and you can get outputs easily. Powerful spray gun sprays with the best flow and you can grab it with proper taction. 25 ft Hose length is easy to connect with the nozzle of the sprayer.

High-quality fluid suction takes the paint with the proper flow from bucket to tip. An airless paint sprayer gives you a clear finish and does not leave any type of stains and stripes on the walls, decks, and fences.

Approximately. 5 gallons of paint at one time can be easily stored in the bucket. On the other hand, you can call it an airless paint sprayer for bigger tasks. Unique design and stand are the plus point in it by the company.

  • Softer spray with uniqueness
  • Leaves no stripes after spray
  • Consistent outputs
  • The capacity of 1 to 5 gallons bucket
  • Suitable for large projects
  • Tip adjustment is tuff
best airless paint sprayer latex

Graco Magnum ProX19

Here we go with the second brother of the Graco Magnum X7 that is helpful for painting different materials such as latex and acrylic paint.

There are some features of this product that make it different from another heavy-duty paint sprayer. Firstly, the ProX Change Pump Replacement System makes you change the pump or make an urgent fix on the go, without tools to buy or use.

As a result, it saves your time and money. The Graco 17G180 is available with a portable cart or a compact stand that is helpful for adjusting it.

After that, the piston of this machine is remarkable and effective. Therefore, you might use it for thinner as well as thicker materials. Most importantly, you find a DC motor in it that is wonderful and can run 150 ft hose length easily.

To clarify, you will get 25 feet hose length. If you want more, you would have to purchase a new one.After that, the Reverse-A-Clean Spray Tip technology is the best feature that we like most because if something sticks in it during the painting process, the nozzle can unclog it

If you face this problem, you need to rotate the cap for 180 degrees, squeeze the trigger, and return the nozzle to its previous position. Two tires of this airless paint sprayer make you carry it anywhere and the stand allows you to adjust it perfectly

  • 25 feet hose length
  • DC motor for effective usage
  • Reverse-A-Clean Spray Tip technology
  • Pro X change plump
  • High-price

Buying Guide

This idea/question might appear in your mind that how to buy the best professional airless paint sprayer and to address it completely, we are here. There are some key points that you need to keep in mind while purchasing an airless sprayer. We enlist some points for your guidance. If you follow them, you can easily have suitable. affordable, consistent, perfect, and awesome sprayer.

Budget and price

Firstly, you would have to keep the budget in your mind because this factor plays an important role. You need to set up your budget according to the need. For instance, if you want to have Graco Magnum X7, you need $400. To clarify, around $400 are enough for purchasing a suitable sprayer. If you ignore this point, you might waste your money and time too. Therefore, consider this point.

Secondly, the price varies from product to product and comes with superb construction, invaluable built-in features, and total reliability. Before purchasing and setting money, you need price knowledge and we have mentioned everything in the review.


Secondly, requirements can tell you accurately what type of airless paint sprayer you should buy for smaller and bigger projects. The requirements vary your need to need and purpose to purpose. If you want to décor your interior house walls, decks, and fences, Graco Magnum project painter plus will fulfill your need. On the other side, if you have some homely tasks, Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 will sound good. Then, if you want to purchase for bigger tasks, you can rely on Graco Magnum proX19.


While purchasing and looking at the product, you can focus on the construction, designing, and connectivity of the parts. Here we will analyze and focus on different exclusive parts of airless sprayers. To clarify more, tires, stand, suction tube, suction bucket, and nozzle are major parts of a sprayer.

Hose length

Some sprayers come with long hoses such as Graco Magnum and Fuji. So, you would have to select an airless paint sprayer with a lengthy hose. If you follow this buying suggestion, you can use it for carrying it to the garden and can décor fences and decks.

Furthermore, you can reach hard areas easily with the help of long hose lengths. To illustrate, you can buy hose length separately.


Then, comes tips for controlling the width and the speed of the spray for proper usage. If you use a larger tip, you can do a thicker coating of paint. On the other side of the coin, a smaller tip should do the trick for most small residential jobs. Tips will help you avoid overspray and over-bleed.


The volume of professional airless paint sprayer is a remarkable and considerable point. The volume defines accurately the capacity of any sprayer.


 There is a rule that your powerful machine can paint the spray at full pace. 1500 PSI pressure is enough if you want to run your painting machine smoothly. So, to finish large jobs quickly, you would have to look for an airless paint sprayer with a high PSI (pounds per square inch). For smaller jobs, a handheld low-pressure paint sprayer should be sufficient.


When you tend to buy a sprayer, you will use it for different purposes. Then, you will be using a different type of paints like lacquers and latex paints. Therefore, you’ll need a model that should be flexible and that can be used for a variety of painting jobs. Therefore, you don’t need to tend to the common sprayer.


 Last but not least, the factor of cleaning is very important to note down. There might be clogging in the suction tube and hose of the sprayer during the work. You need to select an easy-to-clean sprayer for your ease. For instance, Graco Magnum X7 has a no-clogging system and you can easily clean after using it.


This point contains two sections: a) tires b) stand. Some professional airless paint sprayers come with tires and stand as well such as Graco Magnum X19 and X7. By keeping this factor in mind, you would be able to carry it anywhere with the help of tires. Further, the stand will provide you taction and adjustment. In this way, you will adjust it easily.

Tips and tricks for using

Tips and tricks help you use any of the airless paint sprayers with an effective pattern and mindset. If you do not have any tricks to use a sprayer, you cannot fulfill your goal.

  • Firstly, adjust the sprayer effectively and perfectly before starting your project. If you do not do that you cannot fulfill purpose with ease because spray demands attention and consistency. So, adjustment is necessary before the work.
  • Secondly, the connectivity of the parts with proper attention is mandatory.
  • Thirdly, when you tend to fill the suction bucket, you must fill it according to the need. Over-filling can lead to overspray and over-bleed. In this way, the nozzle cannot work fluently. As a result, you get unclarity.
  • If your sprayer is new and you want to test it, go for water and fill it in the suction tube. Then, you can test that whether it works or not.
  •  Don’t forget to wear safety gloves and a dress. The reason behind this suggestion and tip is that paint contains some particles that can be unsuitable for health.


How much money I would have to pay while purchasing a new professional airless paint sprayer?

This question is very easy to answer because it varies from product to product, choice to choice, and requirement to requirement. We have guided you very clearly. If you do not mind looking at the buying guide section, you can get the answer to this question.

To emphasize, you need to spend $300, $400, and $450 for a suitable, adorable, and reliable sprayer.

What is the best professional airless paint sprayer?

According to our list, we analyzed 6 professional airless paint sprayers and among them, one is very professional. To illustrate, Graco Magnum X7 is appreciable just because of the qualities and specifications. Even old buyers give positive responses about it and suggest to other new buyers too.

Are these sprayers durable and reliable?

Yes, these are durable and reliable and these are two basic reasons that people choose and use them. You can easily rely on these two aspects blindly. If any of the key points works, you will get 100% for the long-term. Even you can take the example of the X17 Graco Magnum that fulfills these two points of durability and reliability.   

best industrial airless paint sprayer
Best Airless Paint Sprayer
best airless paint sprayer for roof coatings
Airless Paint Sprayer for Roof Coating

Final Verdict

To conclude, we have reviewed professional airless paint sprayers, reviews them one by one, buying guides, and tricks to use and keep them.

In this piece of content, we delivered our best and now you don’t need to wait for more to purchase your sprayer. The analysis of their uses, addition of pros and cons, and features make you able to buy one of them easily. If you follow this suggestion, you don’t waste your money and time. Therefore, we have placed some tips and tricks on how to safely and efficiently operate a professional paint sprayer.

So, whatever your target/task/plan, and goal is, you can accomplish with the airless paint sprayers on this list professional airless paint sprayers.

Wish you the best of luck! Hurry up and click on the ORDER NOW button and let us serve and assist you perfectly and honestly.